Nuclear Division

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SSM Industries, Inc. is the largest Nuclear Safety Related HVAC designer / fabricator / supplier / installer in the United States. SSM Industries, Inc. entered the nuclear industry as the metal fabrication division of Schneider Power over forty years ago in the late 1960s. We purchased the Press Power Group in 1994, expanding our design and qualification capabilities.
The Power Division of SSM Industries, Inc. is structured to provide design, qualification, fabrication, and if required, installation support to utilities in today's nuclear market.
SSM Industries, Inc. key to success comes from our basic philosophy to provide the best workforce, equipment and management team available in the industry. While key management personnel have a combined tenure of over a century of experience, the most telling example is the longevity of our employees at all levels of the organization. Many of our employees have over 26 years of dedication. This is the best example of our strong work environment and one of the key reasons SSM Industries, Inc. has realized the success that we have had in our industry.

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SSM Industries, Inc. has extensive and continuous experience for over 40 years with the nuclear power industry and the DOE. We have supplied Nuclear Safety Related HVAC equipment to most of the domestic Nuclear Power Plants as well as nuclear power plants in Europe and Asia. We have fabricated and installed the complete HVAC scope in new plants as well as provided special design and “reverse engineered” equipment for existing plants.

SSM Power Division was brought in house by Westinghouse Nuclear in Cranberry Township, PA to redesign and qualify the Containment Duct and Support system as well as provide all the detailed installation drawings for the new AP1000 Reactors currently being installed in China, Georgia and South Carolina. We were additionally tasked with redesigning fan coil units, filter housings and duct runs in other systems that had excessive pressure drops.

SSM provided Westinghouse with a constructability review of the remaining duct systems within the nuclear island.

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Our current capabilities offer complete CAD drafting and 3D coordination, fabrication and installation for all types of air systems and products ranging from light gauge (26 ga.) to ½” plate, in all types of base materials including carbon steel, galvanized, stainless, aluminum, PVC and more. Air ducts to vessels, plan & spec. work to custom design, we can be competitive in any aspect of metal air systems.

At SSM Industries, Inc. we use a Project Manager approach to servicing projects. We utilize full time on-site management when required, and also home office based management with continual on-site representation at planning and scheduling meetings for project managers, while our full time on-site superintendents administer to labor and installation of the systems, to assure our clients and customers the highest quality and most efficient completion of their projects.

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SSM Industries, Inc. product line includes all HVAC components from the fan to the grill. This includes fans, air handling units, filter housings, adsorbers, all dampers and the grills and registers. We provide all of the related accessories including actuators, limit switches, flow stations, access doors, flex connections, etc.. All are seismically and environmentally qualified for safety related applications in accordance with ASME AG-1 and NQA-1

Quality Assurance

SSM Industries, Inc. maintains a complete 10 CFR 50 / NQA-1(including all Supplements) Quality Assurance Program. Our ASME NQA-1 Program has been continuously verified by successful NUPIC Audits. SSM Industries, Inc. is listed in the NUPIC* data base as a pre-qualified vendor to supply Safety Related HVAC equipment and services, including the commercial dedication of components fabricated by others, to all of the commercial nuclear plants in the United States.

Personnel Management
Each manager has over 30 years of experience in Nuclear HVAC Design / Qualification / Fabrication / Installation / Testing and Inspection.

Engineering and Quality Control
Personnel are qualified and certified in accordance with ANSI N.45.2, ANSI N.45.2.6 and ANSI N.45.2.12.

Fabrication and Installation
Personnel are qualified and certified in accordance with ASME Section IX, AWS D1.1, D1.2, D1.3, D1.6, D9.1 and D14.6.

Power Division Contacts
Executive Vice President
Matt Gorman
Phone: 412-777-5100 Ext:320

Quality Assurance Manager
Lou Reda
Phone: 412-777-5101 Ext:372